Supporting local

Small business is what makes our towns and states thrive! Supporting local isn't always spending money with them but supporting them in other ways too! 

We have listed some quick and easy ways to support the small business that surround you without necessarily purchasing from them. 


social media

Social media is  a great way you can help support small business! 

• Like their page 

• Share their content 

• Like their posts 

• Invite friends to their page

• Leave them a review 


Word of mouth

Word of Mouth marketing impression results 5x more connection than a paid media impression and people are 90% more likely to trust and buy from a brand recommended by a trusted friend. 

Yes, it really does matter.


showing up 

Just showing up weather online, in person, word of mouth.. just showing up truly makes a small business owners day! 

Every interaction with a small business is showing up and it is truly appreciated.