about the markets

We started the markets in December 2019 as The Hive Boutique burrr... we know!! From there we started hosting them monthly and the small business community grew so much together we started hosting more shows so we could show case more small businesses and now we are Sunny Day Markets and host 8-10 shows a month!!


We welcome you and can't wait to tell you a bit about the markets!! 

Sunny Day Markets is all about supporting small businesses in the Carolinas! When swinging by one of our events you should expect to see local coffee, sweets, crafters, brick & mortars, local woodworkers and sometimes when you're lucky local produce too! We strive to provide a very optimistic, fun, and safe environment for every event! 

Our events are rain or shine (unless its a monsoon) so you will always expect to see the markets up and running! We can't wait for you to see all the amazing small businesses in the Carolinas! 

small business
is an amazing 
way to serve
and leave 
an impact 
on the 
world you 
live in. 
-nicole snow